About Us

AZReam - bringing you the very best medical & surgical supplies & equipment from Great Britain, Europe, the USA and beyond - for over 12 years.

These are Our Promises:-

No Catch - we won't try to sell you things you don't need.

No Obligation - registering at our eStore costs nothing, and commits you to nothing.

No Contract - purchase only what you need, when you need it - even disposable items in small quantities.  There really is no reason to purchase more often than necessary (and anyway, we want you to come back to us because you like us, not because there's a contract which says you must!).

We are delighted to be the authorized North American Distributor for Platts & Nisbett Ltd ( - renowned for the manufacture of high quality Surgical Instruments, and proud of the reputation surrounding the Platts & Nisbett brand, and its Made In Sheffield credentials.

Do please
contact us for prices - including details of our quantity and order value discounts, and for a fixed price quotation specific to your requirements.  However, most often our best pricing is that which you will see displayed on these pages.

We are incorporated and based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA (tax and licensing details available upon request) - our representatives operate in person within Arizona and the South-West, but our client base extends around the globe, courtesy of this eStore, which is also our catalog and main point of reference.

Registration at the eStore is entirely optional, you are more than welcome to purchase without registering, but customers in Arizona should register for important additional information.


Nothing is ever added to the total charge you see at our checkout ("What You See Is What You Pay"), there are no hidden extras and shipping charges (if any) are included.  For your added security, we do not retain credit/debit card details and cannot add to your order once submitted.  If you need additional items, you will need to submit another order - which is why we recommend registering and choosing to receive a Promo Code for use with a second order.

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