Tourniquets & Cuffs

Tourniquets & Cuffs

 The Hpm Tourniquet System from Sweden with a full range of single & double, disposable & reusable cuffs.

The disposable cuffs are made of high quality material, which makes it soft and easy to apply, with no risk for latex allergy. Protection sleeve is included and they are color coded for easy identification, and supplied sterile.

The reusable cuffs are washable and autoclavable. Both are LATEX FREE

The Tourniquet system intended use is to achieve and maintain a bloodless field in the upper and/or lower extremities. The double tourniquet also has the ability to perform IVRA/Bier's Block procedures. - for use in orthopedic surgery, hand surgery and plastic surgery; with touch screen, built-in compressors and micro-processors with alarms, memory etc.

Hpm has over thirty years experience of Tourniquet Systems - products that create and maintain a bloodless field in upper/lower extremities.