Specialized Examination Instruments

Specialized Examination Instruments

Introducing Oto for Clinicians - an iPhone® otoscope that allows healthcare providers to easily capture, view, and share high-quality, magnified images of the tympanic membrane.

The gynaecologist can select from two vaginal specula models and different sizes. Regardless which quality instrument is chosen, all specula excel through their particular reliability and durability. The speculight provides for the right illumination – and is the optimal addition to all vaginal specula.

You call the tune with Riester tuning forks! Everyday precise diagnoses and quick decisions are needed anew in office practices and hospitals. This requires diagnostic instruments to meet the highest demands. Profit from a partner with more than half a century of experience who has proven to be completely reliable in any situation.

Taking blood should be as fast and easy as possible – and this begins with compressing the veins. Discover ri-clip® from Riester that makes this task much easier.
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