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Stethoscopes & Accessories
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Stethoscopes & Accessories

We offer a range of stethoscopes for professionals at every level, and in all price ranges, from Disposables and Nurses Economy models through to Traditional, Cardiology and Digital stethoscopes - and Teaching models too!  From various manufacturers, we have selected the most appropriate examples for several disciplines, including some sensible cost-effective alternatives to Littmann!

MDF® Stethoscopes have been handcrafted in the artisan tradition by master craftsmen since 1971.  Among the many models available, the original MDF® Pulse Time™ Stethoscope with a timing apparatus enables medical professionals to maintain eye contact with patients during diagnosis, and the ER Premier™ is a robust and versatile stethoscope with superior acoustic quality that enables ER physicians to deliver fast and efficient emergency care to both pediatric and adult patients using just one stethoscope.  Latest additions to the MDF range include the MDF® Cardio-X™ Stethoscope and MDF® ProCardial™ C3 Critical Cardiac Care Edition Stethoscope.

From Germany, we bring you Riester Stethoscopes – there’s simply more to hear!  Since 1948 the name Riester has stood for the highest quality products, wide-ranging experience in development and production and a commitment to constant improvement. Selected materials and first-class workmanship ensure perfect auscultation and outstanding durability.  Check out the Riester cardiophon and the Riester Tri-star® Stethoscope with 3 chest pieces.

Also now featuring the NEW Prestige Clinical Stethoscope Series with new soft silicone eartips, new acoustic sound conductor, new diaphragm retaining ring, new neon colors and FREE Lifetime Replacement Parts.  Hear the difference!

In 2005, TRIMLINE Medical acquired the diagnostic stethoscope product line from Doctor's Research Group (DRG).  At the end of 2010, TRMLINE Medical had themselves been fully acquired by Welch Allyn, and many products were either discontinued or became available only through Welch Allyn distributors - consequently, we now only have residual Trimline inventory, featuring spare parts and some economy models in limited quantities.

And naturally, we do also offer the Littmann™ range - the name needs no additional introduction - but for our U.S customers only.
Product ID : PM1688
$13.50 $23.95
Product ID : PMA1110
$24.25 $39.95
Product ID : PMCEG0001
$6.75 $11.00
Product ID : PMCEG0001B1
$6.75 $11.00
Product ID : PM100
$1.75 $2.95
Product ID : PM755
$3.50 $7.50
Hot Deal
Product ID : PMBEG0004
$1.00 $10.00
Product ID : PM764
$6.50 $10.50
Product ID : PMLE3100
$425.25 $522.25
Product ID : PMLE3200
$459.00 $598.31
Product ID : PML36564
$2.95 $7.00
Product ID : PMLC46100
$192.25 $243.67
Product ID : PMLC2I2100
$97.00 $121.85
Product ID : PMLC2P2100
$97.00 $121.85
Product ID : PMLC2T
$108.75 $131.90
Product ID : PMLC35000
$96.50 $120.61
Product ID : PML78808326470
$6.25 $9.00
Product ID : PML78808326488
$6.25 $9.00
Product ID : PML37808
$5.75 $8.50
Product ID : PMLL22400
$49.75 $62.57
Product ID : PMLMC2000
$218.00 $275.70
Product ID : PMLMC22000
$96.50 $120.70
Product ID : PMLMC2T
$93.75 $117.23
Product ID : PMLS2000
$53.50 $67.58
Product ID : PML40001
$12.25 $14.99
Product ID : PML40002
$12.25 $14.99
Product ID : PML40007
$6.25 $8.95
Product ID : PML40008
$6.25 $8.95
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