Bionix Enteral Feeding Tube DeCloggers

Features & Benefits

If you have any of the millions of patients that use enternal feeding tubes, you and your patients will appreciate the benefits of using Bionix Tube DeCloggers. Here are the highlights:

For your patients

  • Clear tubes - No delay in getting your patient's the nutrition or meds they need to recover.
  • Stay out of the ER - With clear tubes you can prevent trips to the emergency room for tube replacements.
  • Safer and flexible - DeCloggers bend and conform to the shape of the tube, greatly reducing the risk of puncture.
  • Prevent clogs from forming - Many long term care providers find that routine use of DeCloggers, a form of preventative maintenance, keeps clogs from forming in the first place.

For you

  • Easy to use - The DeCloggers are fool proof with features like the Stop Disc to prevent over-insertion and different lengths to prevent them from going into the patient's gastrointestinal tract.
  • Multiple sizes - Like the Safe Ear Curettes, the DeCloggers are made in different shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand (are you sensing a pattern here?).  DeCloggers come in sizes to correctly fit all Gastrostomy, Jejunostomy or PEG type tubes.
  • Quick - Clearing tubes is a 2 minute job with DeCloggers. And remember, if used regularly clogs may be prevented from forming in the first place.

Inexpensive - An ounce of prevention....

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