seca 360° wireless

Has seca re-invented weighing and measuring?

seca 360° wireless is the first of its kind in the world. Now the products transmit their data via a special medical wireless protocol in a simple, secure and swift seca network. In this system the scales and measuring instruments can communicate with your PC, a seca 360° wireless printer or your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. The system is EMR-integrated and prepared for integration in electronic medical records.

seca 360° wireless – all the benefits at a glance:

  1. Wireless communication instead of cable connections.
  2. System components can be set up anywhere.
  3. secaʼs own secure wireless protocol for simple and fast recognition of devices in the seca 360° wireless network.
  4. Paperless and error-free transmission of measurements.
  5. software seca analytics 105 for diagnostic assistance based on highly qualified analysis and assessment of health status and nutritional condition of the patient.
  6. Graphic presentation of measurements and their comparison to standard values – digital display or hard copy printout (DIN A4).
  7. All measurements are EMR integrated for inclusion in electronic medical records

Many solutions that claim to save you time actually demand a lot of time upfront. Not the seca 360° wireless. secaʼs own wireless protocol makes sure that every product is securely and automatically logged into the network when it is switched on. And itʼs just as simple further down the line – with a high degree of automation that makes sure the whole operation goes quickly and smoothly without any errors.


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