Bionix Safe Ear Curettes Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits

Safe Ear Curettes have many benefits for you and your patients. Here are a few of them:

For your patients

  • Made of smooth, flexible polypropylene - Not hard, rigid stainless steel. That means they're designed to flex and bend when they encounter an obstacle.
  • Different models to meet specific needs - That means that you have the "right tools for the job" and your patients don't feel any unnecessary discomfort.
  • Adult and Youth sizes - Hey, what do you know! Children's ears are smaller than adults. So we made youth curettes smaller than the adult ones. Here's one case where one size does not fit all.

For you

  • Single-use convenience - No sterilization costs and hassles. No risk of cross-contamination. Use them and toss them.
  • Packaged for convenience - Color coded, 50 to a box, take them anywhere.
  • Simpler than irrigation - But if you have to irrigate, we've got something for that too - the Otoclear Safe Irrigation System.
  • Color Coded - No guess work. When you need the purple one, you grab the purple one.

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S. - Bionix Safe Ear Curettes meet all quality and safety standards.

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