About MDF

MDF® have been "Crafting Wellness" since 1971

MDF Instruments is a US-based, branded manufacturer with wholly owned production facilities and international sales and service offices in Agoura Hills CA, Copenhagen DK, Dusseldorf, Germany, Ontario Canada, Los Angeles US and Taipei Taiwan.

They also operate with designated distributors in over 75 countries and have 120 employees on 6 continents.  Their 35 year history in Crafting Wellness places them among the industry-elite in a vertical market.  MDF are also the official long-term-supplier of stethoscopes to NGOs and numerous world health organizations with all major international registrations and certifications (ISO, CE, FDA, EN, INMETRO).

MDF Stethoscopes - Special Features

Ergonomax headset: Anatomically-angled binaural (5 mm diameter) with enclosed springs or AccuFit headset: Adjustable binaural (5mm diameter) with external spring system.  New Clear ComfortSeal eartips: Clear eartips provide improved hygiene and extended usage comfort.  Latex-Free Acoustic Tubings: Non-sticking, non-cracking, high-density PVC acoustic tubings are extended and heavy-walled for greater acoustic integrity.  Diaphragm: Raised ultra-sensitive or ultra-thin fiber diaphragm for increased sound amplification.  Accessories: Extra ComfortSeal Eartips, Diaphragms and ID tag.  


The use of premium-grade stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass and aluminum endow strength and attributes to the lightweight property of these instruments.  As a result, MDF's instruments withstand exposure to water, heat or physical impact.  It is super-duty and perfectly hygienic.  Lasting durability and quality are the result of careful selection of materials and precision craftsmanship.

MDF® Latex-Free Blood Pressure Cuffs

100% latex-free (within US & EU), to prevent any latex allergic reaction for professionals and those in their care.  Designed and meeting American Heart Association, European Standard 1060-1:1995, European Standard 1060-2:1995, ANSI/AAMI SP10: 2002.  MDF® Latex-Free Blood Pressure Cuffs are abrasion, chemical (chlorine and peroxide) and moisture resistant, the Velcro® Cuff is constructed of high-molecular polymer 210 Denier Nylon.

Universal Compatibility MDF® Latex-Free Blood Pressure Cuffs are compatible with blood pressure monitors made by other manufacturers. The universal single or double tube configuration enable compatible cuff exchange with manual mercury, aneroid sphygmomanometers or electronic blood pressure monitors. Just determine if your current blood pressure monitor utilizes single or double tube configuration, then find which of the 6 sizes suits your requirements.

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