Tips for Stethoscope Use


To ensure proper use of your stethoscope follow the guidelines below:

  • Be certain that the ear tips are pointing in a forward, not backward, direction as you place them in the ear canal.
  • Use light pressure when pressing the diaphragm on the patient. Excessive pressure may actually diminish your stethoscope’s performance.
  • If you have a rotating chestpiece, be certain the head is fully engaged in either the diaphragm or bell position. You will not hear properly if the chestpiece has not locked completely into position.
  • For non-tunable stethoscopes use the traditional hard diaphragm on the stethoscope.  
  • Visually verify that the air passageway through the ear tips is not clogged with debris. You may need to remove the eartips to check inside the channel on which the eartips attach.
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