Positioning Sandbags & Patient Repositioning

Positioning Sandbags & Patient Repositioning

From a manufacturer offering:
  • The finest quality medical products designed by dedicated product engineers and medical professionals
  • Advances into the current technical product development process
  • Cost effective solutions to your specific requirements
  • Complete understanding of healthcare provider needs in the constantly changing healthcare industry 
  • The highest retention of satisfied clients across the globe
  • A full product guarantee instead of the standard limited warranty

All Sandbags are made with double-wall construction. The outer wall consists of a soft durable vinyl that is tear resistant and easy to wipe clean. All materials exceed flammability standards Cal TB 117 and CFR 1632.  Sandbags are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, stain resistant, anti-static and latex free. All straps are radiolucent, non-magnetic and artifact-free.

Polyethylene material used in Transfer Board is high molecular weight strength (UHMW-PE). Abrasion, chemical, stain and corrosion-wear resistant, shatter resistant, high impact and tensile strength. Transfer Boards are FR rated and meet federal safety standards.

The vinyl, urethane and nylon materials used in the Patient Lift products are tear resistant and are easy to clean and maintain. All materials exceed flammability standards Cal TB 117 and CFR 1632. Belts, Lifts and Slings are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, stain and tear resistant, anti-static and latex free.