Bionix SafeStraw Features and Benefits

SafeStraw Features and Benefits

  1. Successfully delivers approximately 6.2mls (roughly 1 tsp ) of fluids per suck.
  2. Alleviates the laborious task of manually controlling volume intake by squeezing the straw or spoon feeding.
  3. Two versions allow use with both thin or nectar thickened fluids.
  4. Assists with the prevention of aspiration when drinking fluids.
  5. Assists with oral motor control of a liquid bolus.
  6. Discreet drinking tool.
  7. Fits in a variety of drinking containers including cups and bottles.
  8. Ideal for single patient, single day use
  9. Great training tool.
  10. Made in the U.S.A.

The SafeStraw is recommended for single patient use - this latest version can be cleaned with hot water and soap, or on the top rack of a non-industrial dishwasher.

Product Offering
BX1500 - Box of 12 White, Thin Liquid SafeStraws
BX1510 - Box of 12 Blue, Thick Liquid SafeStraws
BX1520 - Variety Pack (6 White and 6 Blue SafeStraws)

BX202/1 - Single White, Thin Liquid SafeStraw
BX212/1 - Single Blue, Thick Liquid SafeStraw