Riester Ophthalmoscopes, Retinoscopes & Tonometers

Riester Ophthalmoscopes, Retinoscopes & Tonometers

Riester uni® / econom® – the reliable product line for ENT and ophthalmology. Durable, user-friendly, variable and in the customary Riester quality.

Riester offers first-class pocket instruments for ENT and direct  ophthalmoscopy made of strong materials. The ri-mini® and pen-scope® ophthalmoscopes are suitable for both physicians and students alike. Their lightness and handy design make them not only useful companions during rounds and house calls, but also in daily use. ri-mini® and pen-scope® ophthalmoscopes convince with their particularly attractive cost-effectiveness.

ri-star® ophthalmoscopes demonstrate their excellent quality in daily use. Every detail of these handy diagnostic instruments is well thought out. They are simple to operate and convince with their low weight. HL 2.5 V halogen lamps provide optimum illumination similar to daylight for the examination field.

The first-class Riester ri-scope® product line for use in ENT and ophthalmology stands for highest quality and user friendliness. The large number of available instruments makes it possible to perform precise examinations and provide comfort in use. They are the result of close and continuous collaboration with specialist clinics and recognised professors.  Only from Riester: For the ri-scope® line – apart from numerous other handle versions – the patented sensomatic® handles are also offered. They turn on automatically when touched and switch off when put down.

The ri-scope® retinoscope (skiascope) measures the refractive power of the eye. Errors of refraction, such as in short and long-sightedness, as well as astigmatism can be recognised and determined.

schiötz tonometer - a masterpiece of precision mechanics!  Highly precise eye tonometer according to Prof. Schiötz for measuring intra-ocular pressure. Its reliability and durability makes this quality measuring instrument indispensable in every ophthalmologist’s practice and eye clinic.

And introduciing Riester's new e-scope® range; white light - green efficiency

- includes 3.7v LED illumination and conventional alkaline batteries – an almost impossible combination up to now.  Not just pie in the sky, but state of the art. The new e-scope® is the perfect blend of leading-edge LED technology, more efficient diagnosis and an environment-friendly energy source. Because the e-scope® breaks new ground with its world innovation, the IPC (Integrated Power Converter): younger, smarter and greener.