Riester Diagnostic Sets

Riester Diagnostic Sets

uni®/econom®, ri-mini®/pen-scope®, fortelux® H/ fortelux® N, ri-star® & ri-scope® in combinations, to provide you with a huge range of choices for ENT and ophthalmology instruments with the highest levels of quality and user friendliness.

And introduciing Riester's new e-scope® range; white light - green efficiency

- includes 3.7v LED illumination and conventional alkaline batteries – an almost impossible combination up to now.  Not just pie in the sky, but state of the art. The new e-scope® is the perfect blend of leading-edge LED technology, more efficient diagnosis and an environment-friendly energy source. Because the e-scope® breaks new ground with its world innovation, the IPC (Integrated Power Converter): younger, smarter and greener.