Igloo® Wound Irrigator

Igloo® Wound Irrigator

Improves wound irrigation by removing bacteria or necrotic tissue from the wound.

In the world of wound irrigation you need to do two things, and do both of them well.

First, any wound irrigator needs to clean out wounds. Secondly, it needs to protect the person cleaning out the wounds.

The Bionix Igloo Wound Irrigator does both things, and does them well.

Igloo provides wound irrigation at the recommended 8-12 psi to maximize cleansing and healing.

The Igloo can be placed flush on the skin, virtually eliminating back splash.

A lot of products can do one thing. Fewer can do one thing and do it well. But find the product that can do everything that needs to be done, and do all of those things well, then you've got something.

Ladies and gentlemen, in all due modesty, we've got something here with the Igloo Wound Irrigator.

How to Use The Igloo Wound Irrigator
Irrigating and cleaning your patients' wounds is good. Getting backsplashed from the wound is bad. So to do the first and avoid the second, follow these simple directions:
  1. Attach an Igloo Wound Irrigator on any luer lock syringe or another compatible irrigation device.
  2. Place the Igloo flush on the skin - you'll want to place some sort of basin under the area being treated to collect the water.
  3. Apply the proper water pressure.
  4. Repeat as necessary.
  5. Toss 'em out when you're done because they're single-use only.