Littmann™ Replacement Parts

Littmann™ Stethoscope Replacement Parts

3M™ Littmann™ Stethoscope Return Policy; in the unlikely event of a faulty product, stethoscopes must be returned directly to Littmann for repair or replacement.  Littmann repair phone number: 1-800-292-6298

Please note that, due to international distributor agreements, we can only supply 3M™ Littmann™ branded products within the 50 United States and Puerto Rico.  Orders from outside this region will be cancelled, or cancelled in part if other items are included on the order (with adjustment to the shipping charge, if appropriate) - sorry!

Please check the model of your Littmann™ Stethoscope carefully before ordering replacement parts! 
Product ID : PML36564
$2.95 $7.00
Product ID : PML78808326470
$6.25 $9.00
Product ID : PML78808326488
$6.25 $9.00
Product ID : PML37808
$5.75 $8.50
Product ID : PML40001
$12.25 $14.99
Product ID : PML40002
$12.25 $14.99
Product ID : PML40007
$6.25 $8.95
Product ID : PML40008
$6.25 $8.95