Column Scales

In excellent form for everyday life in the medical sector. Maximum precision and an easy to operate range of functions – modern seca column scales do justice to both things. And with their professional functions do valuable work day after day in doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and clinics. The fact that they also look good is a matter of course. After all, seca scales are not only renowned for their quality but also for their award-winning design.
Product ID : SC703-132
Product ID : SC777
$359.00 $399.00
Product ID : SC763-132
$977.50 $999.00
Product ID : SC703-1321007
Product ID : SC787
$499.00 $519.00
Product ID : SC769-1321998
$249.00 $332.00
Product ID : SC769
$299.00 $332.00
Product ID : SC719
$209.25 $221.00