SafeStraw™ Volume Limiting Drinking Aid


The Bionix SafeStraw helps patients with deficient oropharyngeal or oral motor skills drink safely. Patients with this type of dysfunction have difficulty consuming liquids because of their inability to control the liquid bolus. Pharyngeal muscles react slowly, and the patient loses fluid out of the oral cavity or aspirate. This difficulty with swallowing is often diagnosed as dysphagia, a condition shared by over 15,000,000 Americans and is treated by SLPs, PTs and Home Nursing Care.

How It Works
The SafeStraw™ provides a limited bolus size by use of a fluid chamber, one way valve, and float. As the patient sucks on the straw, fluid flows through the valve and into the chamber. When the fluid travels through the chamber to the straw, the float rises. After around 6.2ml’s the float reaches the top of the chamber closing it off preventing the patient from receiving more fluid. Once they stop sucking, the float sinks to the bottom of the chamber. This break gives them time to control the liquid bolus and safely swallow. Once the float has reached the bottom of the chamber they can safely draw another 6.2ml’s of fluid.

The Bionix SafeStraw is designed for use with thin, water like liquids, or nectar thickened liquids. Use with carbonated beverages, or honey thickened will render the SafeStraw ineffective for limiting the volume of consumption.