Safe Ear Curettes™

Safe Ear Curettes
Safe Ear Curettes™

How many products and companies have been started by someone mumbling to themselves, "wouldn't it be great if ......."?

That's how the Bionix Safe Ear Curettes came into existence. When Dr. James Huttner was a pediatric resident, his only means of removing cerumen (ear wax) from the ears of children was a standard stainless steel curette, an instrument that often caused trauma and pain in his young patients.

One night he began to experiment. Out of a piece of metal tubing and a few loops of fishing line, Dr. Huttner created what was the prototype of the first Safe Ear Curette, the White FlexLoop®.

"Wouldn't it be great if there was an instrument that could remove wax effectively, but was more flexible and safer than metal curettes?", he thought as he worked. Yes, it would be great. Doctors, parents and especially little children all agree.

And today, after selling millions of Safe Ear Curettes since 1984, Bionix continues to improve and update their product to make it safer, easier and better.

Part of the beauty of the Bionix Safe Ear Curette is its simplicity. There are two simple ways to use the curettes for the removal of cerumen - direct curettage (see also Lighted Ear Curettes™), and curettage through an Otoscope.

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