Bionix Lighted Ear Curettes

Features & Benefits

The Lighted Ear Curette has many benefits for you and your patients. Here are a few of them:

For your patients

  • Different tip styles - gives you the right tool for the job and your patients don't feel any unnecessary discomfort.
  • LED Light - increasing the safety of the procedure for your patient by providing visualization.

For you

  • Visualization - A brilliant white light is projected to the tip of the curette illuminating even the most difficult to see ear canals. The magnification lens enhances the view of the ear canal to visualize cerumen..
  • Safety - Illumination improves procedural accuracy, avoiding the risk of injury from blind curettage with stainless steel curettes.
  • Saves Time - Visualization of the ear allows medical professionals to quickly and efficiently remove cerumen from the ear canal.
  • Convenience - Eliminates the need to use a separate light source in an attempt to enhance visualization.

Single Patient Use - Reduces the risk of any cross contamination as well as eliminating the time, labor and costs associated with re-sterilizing steel curettes.

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