SPAIRE Hip Replacement Technique Kit

SPAIRE Hip Replacement Technique Kit
The SPAIRE Hip Replacement Technique means less risk to the patient and quicker recovery timescale.

Following Platts & Nisbett's successful collaboration with Mr John Timperley (Exeter Hip Unit), we are delighted to announce that the SPAIRE Hip Instrument Set is now available to purchase. 

The SPAIRE technique (Sparing Piriformis And Internus, Repair Externus) involves a muscle sparing posterior approach to the hip. Fewer tendons are damaged using the SPAIRE technique than any other approach to the hip as it involves division (and subsequent repair) of only one small tendon. This technique allows patients to mobilise without any post-operative restriction to their activities. 

SPAIRE surgical instruments, designed in conjunction with Mr John Timperley are manufactured exclusively under license by Platts & Nisbett. Their skilled Sheffield craftsmen individually hand make each instrument to exacting requirements to facilitate the SPAIRE technique during hip replacement surgery. 

The SPAIRE Kit (PN2932) consists of: -

1 x SPAIRE Offset Hip Retractor, Self Retaining, Odd Leg (Left)
1 x SPAIRE Offset Hip Retractor, Self Retaining, Odd Leg (Right)
1 x SPAIRE Hohmann Retractor, Angled, 18mm
1 x SPAIRE Iliac Wing Retractor
1 x SPAIRE T Handle Retractor with Ischial / Iliac Pins
1 x SPAIRE Reamer Detachment Forceps
1 x SPAIRE Anterior Retractor, Double Angled, 25mm
2 x SPAIRE Trethowan Bone Lever, Ring Handle, 45º, Sharp Tip
1 x SPAIRE Inferior Retractor, 22mm

In the US, a Sterilisation Container is not included.

This range of instruments can only be purchased in the US via the authorised Distributor, AZReam, Inc.  All genuine SPAIRE Hip Instruments are laser marked with the Platts & Nisbett Logo and the SPAIRE Registered Trademark.