SafeSEAL & GELSeal

Looking for SafeSEAL™ Soft Stethoscope Diaphragms and or GELSeal™ Stethoscope Eartips?

Sadly, you won't find them ............

Both products were originally manufactured by Doctors Research Group (DRG), and were extremely popular.  In 2006, Trimline Medical Products acquired DRG and through them we distributed the products wordwide, together with Puretone™ and Symphony™ Stethoscopes, and of course Trimline's fine range of blood pressure systems.

In April 2010, Trimline were themselves acquired by Welch Allyn and unfortunately the products were discontinued.  We understand that Welch Allyn have retained the intellectual property rights and so, at the time of writing, nobody else will be manufacturing these products in the forseeable future.

By the beginning of 2011, our residual inventory had diminished and now, in 2019, our only remaining Trimline inventory is a handful of spare parts.  If you see it in this eStore, then it's still available - though the quantity available for purchase is very limited (our shopping cart software won't let you order more of these products than we actually have in stock).   SafeSEAL™ and GELSeal™ you simply won't find here - they all were sold a long time ago.

It's a shame, and we were sorry to see them disappear from the market; for many years, they had been among our best selling products - deservedly so, for their innovation and contributions towards both infection control and user/patient comfort.

Rest assured, if the situation changes, we'll let you know!

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