Bionix OtoClear Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits

OtoClear has many benefits to you and your patients (in addition to gently, thoroughly and safely removing cerumen). Here are a few:

Benefits for your patients

  • Flare-tip design - Like your elbow, OtoClear tips cannot be over-inserted into the ear canal.
  • Safety First - Three tiny holes point the water off at a 45° angle virtually eliminating the risk of damage to the tympanic membrane.
  • Easy exit for debris - If you have the OtoClear tip fully inserted into the ear canal and you turn on the water there could be a big mess. But there isn't. Exit portals let the water and debris drain in a controlled manner, keeping you and your patients clean and dry.
  • Patient Comfort - Patients will experience the soothing sensation of a plastic receptacle that feels even better than the cap from a ball point pen!

Benefits for you

  • Variety of Delivery Devices - OtoClear tips can be used with a standard luer lock syringe, a tabletop Waterpik®, the Portable Waterpik® Unit or the NEW Aquabot device.
  • Single-Use - Use it once, throw it away. No clean up.
Aural Irrigation Study

*OtoClear® Tips - U.S. Patent #6,706,023 Waterpik® is a registered trademark of Water Pik, Inc. The OtoClear Safe Irrigation Tip is not affiliated with Waterpik Technologies.

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