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  • Bionix Health at Home ShotBlocker
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Designed by Bionix® specifically for home use. Shots do not have to hurt!


Bionix® Health at Home ShotBlocker®

ShotBlocker is an innovative, patented device that is both simple and easy-to-use. ShotBlocker was invented by a pediatrician over 10 years ago to instantly reduce needle pain and anxiety associated with injections for his patients. These days, it is found in medical facilities worldwide and used wherever a shot can be administered.

ShotBlocker works through a novel application of the gate control theory of pain management. When pressed firmly against the skin at the injection site, ShotBlocker saturates the sensory nerves distracting the patient from the pain signals caused by the needle poke.

Great for all intramuscular or subcutaneous injections, including: Insulin, Allergy, Immunization, Fertility, Growth Hormone and more!

Features and Benefits
  • Immediate Effect – The contact points on the underside saturates the sensory nerves distracting the patient from the pain signals caused by the needle poke. No waiting for topical anesthetics to take effect.
  • Easy to Use – Just press ShotBlocker® firmly over the injection site and give the injection through or near the opening.
  • Versatility – Useful in intramuscular injections, subcutaneous injections and other procedures that include a painful needle poke.
  • Cost Benefit – Less costly than anesthetic creams or freezing sprays. (Faster, too.)
  • Pediatrician Designed - Invented by a pediatrician to lessen the pain and anxiety experienced by his own patients.
  • Simple Design
  • Made in the USA
How to Use
ShotBlocker® is easy to use and works with all types of safety syringes and needles.
  1. Select the injection site and prep the skin as usual.
  2. Hold ShotBlocker so that the blunt contact points touch the patient’s skin at the injection site.
  4. Immediately administer the injection in the usual manner through or near the central opening of ShotBlocker. For subcutaneous injections, angle the needle as needed to give the injection. (B) IF MORE THAN 20 SECONDS ELAPSE BETWEEN THE PLACEMENT OF SHOTBLOCKER AND THE INJECTION, COMPLETELY REMOVE SHOTBLOCKER FROM THE SKIN. REPEAT THE PROCESS BEGINNING WITH STEP 2.
  5. After you have completed the injection and withdrawn the needle, remove and discard ShotBlocker.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does the ShotBlocker work?
    Shotblocker's ability to block pain is based on the gate control theory of pain management. The theory states that there is a gating mechanism in the spinal cord that can be either opened or closed. When opened pain signals are transferred through small nerve fibers to the brain and a pain sensation is experienced. It has been found that the gate can be closed by simultaneous stimulation of large diameter nerve fibers, those that respond to touch.
  2. What proof do you have that the ShotBlocker blocks the pain of injections?
    Bionix Medical Technologies has teamed with Flower Hospital in Toledo, Ohio to complete a study on the effectiveness of the ShotBlocker device. The results of the study show that the ShotBlocker significantly reduced the pain from minor injections. You can view the ShotBlocker studies HERE.


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