Promo Codes

Simply register, and check the request box, when making your first purchase (for any amount) to get a Promo Code for  $10.00 off your second order of just $25.00 or more (excluding any shipping charge). You can register before you commence your order, or when prompted to do so at the checkout - but remember, registration is entirely optional.
Promo Codes for new registrants at this eStore are sent by email¤, to the user's email address provided at registration, after we receive their first order and are valid immediately for a period of not less than 30 days from the date of the initial order.

After you place your first order, please allow us a little time while we handcraft your personalized Promo Code with the love and perfection it deserves.

YES, you can use it straight away!  Your new customer Promo Code is valid as soon as you receive it by email.

Why do we do this?  It's simple; we won't share your information with anyone else, but of course it does help us to know a little about you - the more we can learn about what our customers want, the better we can serve them by sourcing the most appropriate high quality products at the very best prices.  Most of the information requested at registration is entirely optional, only the basics (such as billing and shipping details) are actually required.

Occasionally we also issue Promo Codes to our existing users as special promotions - a $ amount or a discount %.  Full details are given with each offer - usually they are valid for a limited period and there is a minimum purchase value requirement.

Additionally, the list of FREE items available to new users changes from time to time - the only thing that doesn't change is that you must register and place an order for the item to be sent, and we do reserve the right to substitute your chosen item with an alternative of equal or greater value if necessary.

(certain samples are for product which may only be sold to or by a Licensed Medical Practitioner.  We reserve the right not to send samples to persons who do not furnish us with the necessary details, or where we deem it to be otherwise inappropriate to do so.  We also reserve the right to substitute any free sample requested with an alternative, should stocks become exhausted).

Many people are wary when purchasing online, and with so many rogue traders around and the dubious credentials of some of those using public auction sites, we really do understand.  However, there's really no catch to any of our offers - we've tried to present them in clear precise terms - we just want to welcome you as a customer, and then we want you to come back to us again ...... and again ..... and again.

If you have any questions, then please contact us
               - we'll be happy to respond (YES, there are humans at this eStore!)

¤a correct and valid email address is really important - without it, you won't receive the eStore Welcome Message, Order Confirmations or Promo Codes.  Please take care when entering your details.

Registration at the eStore is entirely optional, you are more than welcome to purchase without registering, but customers in Arizona should register for important additional information.