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Surgical Blade Shapes

click here to see all the Standard Swann-Morton Surgical Blade Shapes (some are not available in the U.S.)

So Which Blade?

Consisting of 34 blade shapes and 12 handles the Swann-Morton general range is used throughout all surgical disciplines including Cardiology, Orthopedics and Reconstructive surgery.

The "choice" lies with the surgeon and his expertise as to which size and shape of blade is most appropriate for a particular procedure and which handle provides him with the flexibility, dexterity and depth of field he personally requires.

The range does include user specific products such as the E/11 for Chiropody , the 12d and 15c for Dentistry and the SG3 for minor Skin Grafts.  Not all of the blades listed here are available in the U.S.

This is the full range of surgical blades and handles:-


#06, #09, #10, #10A, #11, #11p, #12, #12D, #13, #14, #15, #15A, #15C, #15T, #16, #40, #D15S, #E11, #SG3, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #22A, #23, #24, #25, #25A, #26, #27, #36, Sabre B/23


#3, #3G, #3L, #3SS, #5B, #7, #9, #B3, #B3L,  #4, #4G, #4L, #4SS, #6


The most popular Swann-Morton blades for dermaplaning are the #14 and #10, in both carbon steel and stainless steel.  You'll need a #3 (or #3L) handle to go with these, or there are the disposable versions complete with a plastic handle.  All are sterile - we only sell sterile scalpel blades.  Please click the "Aesthetician's Corner" category link on the left for more details of these blades and handles, and some other related items.
Swann-Morton manufacture a range of carbon or stainless steel sterile surgical blades ideally suited for chiropodists and podiatrists.  Below is the full range of
Chiropody & Podiatry blades:-

#9, #10, #E/11, #15, Sabre E/11, Sabre D/15, #SM61, #SM62, #SM65, #SP90, #SP91, #PD81, #PD82

Swann-Morton manufacture a range of carbon or stainless steel sterile surgical blades ideally suited for dentists:-

* Minor surgery
* Oral surgery
* Implantology
* Labial freanum
* Incising abscesses
* Peridontal Surgery
* Raising Skin Flaps

Below is the full range of Dentistry blades:-

#11, #11P, #12, #12D, #15, #15c, #SM64, #SM65, #SM67 & #SM69 – either Carbon or Stainless Steel sterile surgical blades

Swann-Morton manufacture a range of carbon or stainless steel sterile surgical blades ideally suited for veterinary surgery:-

Small Animals

Orthopedics - #15, #20

General Endoscopy  - #15

Soft Tissue - #15, #15C, #20

Neurosurgery - #15, #20

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia - #15, #20

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injuries - #11, #11P, #15, #20

Meniscectomy - #11, #11P

Bone Fractures and Muscle Diseases - #15, #20

Large Animals

Skin Incisions - #22

Soft Tissue - #20

Specialist Applications

Animal Pathology - PM40 Post Mortem Range

Vaginal Surgery (Horses) - #3L, #4L Handles

Rectro Vaginal Hernias (Horses) - #3L, #4L Handles

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