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Cyalume® FAQs

Important information from Cyalume®

How does chemiluminescent technology work?                            

Based on the same remarkable chemistry of a firefly–

lightsticks are made of two chemical solutions stored separately within a plastic casing.

1) Oxalate: Fluorescers for color;
2) Activator: To stimulate color.

Oxalate is isolated and sealed in a thin glass ampoule; this tube is placed into a larger, transparent plastic  casing (lightstick), which is filled with activator and sealed. When the lightstick is bent, the glass ampoule breaks causing the two solutions to mix, resulting in illumination.

Are the products safe?

Yes! And we can prove it.
All of Cyalume’s products are 100% phthalate-free with patented formulations. Phthalates are dangerous chemicals used in everyday  products and are present in most chemical light formulations. DBP (Dibuthyl Phthalate) contained in many lightsticks produced in Asia,  has already been listed as a banned substance and is of very high concern.

Working towards a safer environment, all Cyalume® products are non-toxic, non-flammable, waterproof, and emit no heat or sparks. They  can be used near combustible gasses, liquids and leaking fuels, where ordinary sources of light could cause an explosion or fire hazard.

All certificates available on request.

How long do the lightsticks last?

Cyalume® manufacturers a variety of chemical light products. Depending on the size and chemical composition of the lightstick, illumination  ranges from 5 minutes (Ultra Bright) to 12 hours. Exact durations are stated on packaging.

All chemical light devices, when activated, emit light in a decay curve. The light is brightest at the time of activation. The light emitted  decreases in intensity with time. All products are one-time use only and cannot be re-activated after the chemical reaction has finished.

Do Cyalume lightsticks work in any weather?

Yes! The products are waterproof, windproof, and can be used in severe weather. SnapLight and ChemLight products are 100% reliable  and are always ready for use. Cyalume Technologies devices become dimmer and last longer in the cold. They also become brighter and  last for a shorter period of time in heat.

What happens if a lightstick leaks or breaks?

This should not happen under normal use but might occur if you continue to bend the plastic once activated. Since the chemicals are  non-toxic, they will not cause injury to your skin or eyes. In the unlikely event of such contact, rinse the affected areas thoroughly with  water. Please note that the chemicals will stain clothing and/or furniture.

Are Cyalume® Lightsticks disposable?

All Cyalume® products can be disposed of as household waste. Only waste which meet the regulatory definition of a hazardous waste  are subject to the land disposal restrictions. Activated light sticks do not meet the definition of a Characteristic Hazardous Waste and  therefore, under the regulations, can be disposed of as a solid waste in solid waste landfills and incinerators unless prohibited by  site-specific solid waste facility restriction.

What is the difference between ChemLight® and SnapLight® LightSticks?

ChemLight® Military Specification Lightstick

ChemLights enhance both nighttime tactical operations and training safety.  Many of the military land, sea, and air applications are  enshrined in doctrinal literature from standard operating procedures to tactics, techniques, and procedural manuals.  Customers  such as the Department of Homeland Security, enforcement agencies, and FEMA have adopted uses for ChemLights similar to the  military and developed unique applications of their own.

ChemLights are available in visible and non-visible colors. ChemLights are the only chemical light product that meets the Defense  Logistics Agency (DLA) and NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) specifications. National/NATO Stock Numbers (NSN)  are printed on each military-spec product.  

SnapLight® Industrial Grade LightStick

In an emergency situation, every second counts. Flashlights can limit your ability to see and cannot always be relied upon. SnapLights provide instant light, are easy to use, easy to identify and dispose of when in emergency situations. SnapLights can be color coded to your own  safety rules and procedures. They are recommended for personal use during evacuations, power outages, camping, auto safety, and utility work. Perfect for survival, first aid, and evacuation kits!

Cyalume® vs. Competition. Are all lightstick products the same?

No! Cyalume Technologies is the undisputed world leader in the chemical light industry. All of Cyalume’s products are manufactured with the highest degree of quality, meeting ISO 9001 standards throughout the manufacturing process. Only the safest, environmentally friendly, and highest-grade materials are used.

Cyalume Technologies manufactures a full complement of dependable Military grade ChemLight brand and Industrial grade SnapLight brand lighting solutions for use in power outages, military operations and training, industrial accidents, and natural disasters.

Many suppliers use our protected brand names illegally and try to copy our formulations. Our company defends its trademarks and patent rights, and will engage legal actions against ALL who infringe on our rights. We advise you to make sure that the products you import, distribute, or re-sell are not counterfeiting our patents and/or trademarks.

 How do Cyalume® lightsticks compare to other light sources?

Lightsticks don’t rely on batteries or electricity; there’s no bulb, switch, flame, spark, heat, smoke or fumes – just dependable, safe light.

The Red Cross specifically warns against using candles for light due to the flame’ and the severe risk of fire damage. SnapLight Lightsticks are a great alternative.

Provides limited, spot illumination and can be very expensive. They run on batteries, which immediately begin to drain when installed and may be run down when you need them. Batteries are toxic, leak, corrode, and harm the environment. Flashlights also rely on bulbs and switches which can burn out or wear out. Lightsticks are always ready when you need them and are completely safe.

Kerosene or oil lamps:
Pose a serious risk of fire, are not mobile, and cannot easily go where you need light - during power outages, evacuations and roadside emergencies.  Lightsticks are safe, portable and can go anywhere you need them.

Who uses SnapLight® and ChemLight® lightsticks?

Cyalume Technologies is the sole provider of chemical light products to the US military, NATO forces and FEMA. Cyalume chemical light products are certified by the Department of Transportation and the United States Coast Guard.

Amtrak, Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Civil Defense, Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS officials all use lightsticks. Cyalume is also a major supplier to consumers, utilities, marine facilities, emergency preparedness agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, petrochemical and many other industries.

Where are Cyalume® products made?

Cyalume Technologies is the only American-Made Lightstick Company.

Keeping Military specification ChemLight® and Industrial grade SnapLight® brands manufactured in the U.S. is Cyalume’s number one priority. This process guarantees reliability and fast delivery to the military, public safety markets, facilities management suppliers, and the marine industry.

Help stimulate our economy and show your support by buying these American made products.

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