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CleaRinse™ Pro Nasal Irrigation and Aspiration

CleaRinse™ Pro Nasal Irrigation and Aspiration

CleaRinse™ Pro Nasal Irrigation and Aspiration

CleaRinse™ helps to quickly collect nasal wash aspirate specimens for Point of Care pathogen testing. It also provides in office hospital grade suction for effective upper airway suctioning in a completely portable and self contained handheld unit.


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CleaRinse™ Pro Nasal Irrigation and Aspiration

CleaRinse is the preferred method of specimen collection and nasal suction by parents and medical staff.*

Product Offering
#BX9700 – Starter Kit (Includes 10 single-use heads, 10 saline ampoules & 1 CleaRinse unit)
#BX9710 – Replacement Heads (20 single-use heads, 20 saline ampoules)

*Beta facilities indicated clients and staff prefer CleaRinse over nasopharyngeal swabs, nasal aspirate methods and other nasal wash aspirate methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely portable, handheld unit with hospital grade suction for nasal wash aspirate collection and upper airway suctioning.
  • Single-use wash head holds 3ml’s of saline for simple irrigation.
  • Specimen is contained for easy testing and disposal.
  • Soft, non-invasive design provides greater comfort for patients with the enhanced sensitivity of nasal wash aspirate samples.
  • Preferred by parents and medical staff for obtaining specimen samples and clearing the nose.

    Is CleaRinse™ Pro reimbursable?
    Where applicable, use the following codes for potential reimbursement.  Contact your billing specialist for additional instruction.

    CPT Code / Description
    30210 - Displacement therapy (Proetz type)
    31720 - Catheter aspiration; nasotracheal
    86710 - Rapid Diagnostics, Antibody testing, Flu
    86756 - Rapid Diagnostics, Antibody testing, RSV

    Is CleaRinse safe for children?
    Yes, CleaRinse was designed specifically for use with Children of all ages – even the big ones.

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