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The Pro Lite Head Immobilizer fits all of the original Rapid Deployment Products backboards. For the spineboards it will not accommodate, we have the Universal Head Immobilizer and a Disposable Head Immobilizer that will fit any backboard. The Pediatric Head Immobilizer is a perfect fit for the Pedi Lite, but will also fit onto other pediatric spineboards.

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Adult Disposable Head Blocks
Adult Disposable Head Blocks
Product ID : ID35717DHB
$7.80  Sale Price: $7.25
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Pediatric Disposable Head Blocks
Pediatric Disposable Head Blocks
Product ID : ID35721DHB
$9.08  Sale Price: $8.25
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PRO-LITE™ Rapid Wedge™ - blue
PRO-LITE™ Rapid Wedge™ - blue
Product ID : ID35717RW
$5.95  Sale Price: $5.50
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PRO-LITE™ Rapid Wedge™ - blue, with head/chin tape
PRO-LITE™ Rapid Wedge™ - blue, with head/chin tape
Product ID : ID35717RWR
$7.47  Sale Price: $6.75
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4 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 |   1

For other needs, the Leg Immobilizer can secure the patients legs and the Rapid Wedge Immobilizer is used to keep the occipital region of the head from rolling while a patient is wearing a helmet.

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