RECOVERICE starts cold, gets colder over the first ten minutes and then stays comfortably cool for over an hour. Ice and cold packs are only effective if used for about 15 minutes.  Anything longer results in an increase in swelling. Rub-on cooling gels and creams give minimal cooling and clog up the skin pores, hindering the body's natural cooling process. Ice sprays give a superficial cooling that lasts less than 5 minutes.  Deeper injuries remain unaffected by the cooling.

RECOVERICE is easily accessible; it can be carried in your kit bag, or your running/cycling pouch

RECOVERICE is ready to use

RECOVERICE contains Arnica to reduce bruising

RECOVERICE contains no medication or banned substances

RECOVERICE soothes tired and aching muscles

RECOVERICE can be used on most parts of the body and allows you to stay mobile

RECOVERICE's unique wrap-around effect provides a complete cooling that penetrates from all angles Which size to use?

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The secret to healing any soft tissue injury is in the R.I.C.E. principle:-

REST - Less physical activity and a lower heart rate reduces the likelihood of further damage being caused to the injured area

ICE - Cooling results in the narrowing of blood vessels (vasoconstriction). This restricts blood flow through the cooled area, resulting in a reduction of internal bleeding and swelling

COMPRESSION - Applying a consistent pressure to the injured area prevents blood from pooling, thus reducing swelling

ELEVATION - Raising the injured limb above the heart further reduces the amount of swelling

Ice applied to injuries is often too cold, and can damage the skin tissue. Conversely, sprays and gels don't stay at the optimal cooling temperature for long enough to make a difference