Bionix Swaddler for Phototherapy - Newborn Regular

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Bionix Swaddler for Phototherapy gives care givers the ability to safely swaddle infants undergoing phototherapy, while allowing over 86% light transmittance.


Swaddler for Phototherapy - Newborn Regular [box of 10]

During the first week of an infant's life, approximately 1 in 8 full-term babies are readmitted for jaundice, and nearly all premature infants weighing 1500g become clinically jaundice. Phototherapy is the standard care of treatment to reduce serum bilirubin concentrations. However, infants are undressed during treatment, with the exception of protective eye coverage, in order to fully access therapeutic light exposure. Add bright lights, sticky leads, and various other attachments, and the infant is suddenly in a high stress environment.

The Swaddler for Phototherapy was developed to gently swaddle neonatal infants while receiving Phototherapy to help provide comfort and reduce stress. The unique fabric allows for over 86% of phototherapy light transmittance to reach the infants skin. 

Product Offering:
(10 Blankets individually wrapped)

(Newborn Regular >1500g)

Features & Benefits

  • Translucent fabric allows over 90% of phototherapy light transmittance.
  • Offers comfort to infants, and parents during a high stress environment.


How to Use The Swaddler for Phototherapy

For detailed instructions on how to properly use the
Swaddler for Phototherapy, please view this PDF:
Swaddler for Phototherapy Instructions

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