MDF® Stethoscopes

MDF  Stethoscopes

MDF® Stethoscopes

MDF® instruments are super-duty, high performance medical tools that meet the toughest requirements of precision and accuracy.  MDF apply advanced technical solutions and the best material to their instruments.  MDF's designers and engineers have taken advantage of the latest technologies coupled with their unique working process that fosters a traditional yet modern approach.  Similarly, they select both conventional and avant-garde materials for durability and reliability. These attributes are immediately recognizable for MDF's signature authentic style of being simple yet distinctive, a unique combination of functionality and performance.

The Difference

Don't judge the performance just by the external appearance of these stethoscopes.  MDF's Intelligent chestpiece with pure and transparent sound is attributed to the unique acoustic chamber design.  Amplified by an ultra-sensitive diaphragm made from special sound conducting material, sound is resonated within the acoustic chamber dictated by an acoustically engineered proprietary formula that amalgamates the perfect surface angles, ideal dimensions and proper contours to deliver optimum sound from these ultra high quality stethoscopes.

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Product ID : MDF797DDK
$160.68 $181.99
Product ID : MDF747XP
$24.99 $29.98
Product ID : MDF797
$119.99 $139.99
Product ID : MDF767X
$50.75 $59.71
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Product ID : MDF747
$9.95 $15.89
Product ID : MDF797DD
$154.99 $181.99
Product ID : MDF777DT
$79.99 $88.88
Product ID : MDF777RG
$79.99 $99.99
Product ID : MDF777
$54.90 $64.59
Product ID : MDF777I
$49.99 $64.59
Product ID : MDF777C
$54.90 $64.59
Product ID : MDF797X
$99.90 $117.63
Product ID : MDF740
$50.05 $58.88
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Product ID : MDF727
$7.50 $11.82
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Product ID : MDF727C
$6.95 $11.82
Product ID : MDF767
$31.98 $37.63