NEW!!! Emergency Chemiluminescent Light System

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New from Cyalume! The LightStation™ line provides emergency lighting with 4, 10, or 20  10" SnapLights® that last for 4 hours. When the power goes out the photoluminescent label makes the LightStation™ instantly identifiable in the dark. After opening, users take a SnapLight® to light the area and their way.

The Models 4 and 10 are made of fire and blast resistant steel. When the front cover is opened all SnapLights® activate and can be easily removed for use. 

The Model 20 is made of strong plastic for use in larger common areas. When opened, one SnapLight® is activated to provide area lighting, leaving the remaining 19 to be activated as needed with a simple bend, snap, and shake.

Each LightStation™ includes an initial fill and one refill of 10" SnapLights®

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