Igloo Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits The first thing that you want a Wound Irrigator to do is to clean and irrigate the wound. Igloo provides wound irrigation at the recommended 8-12 psi to maximize cleansing and healing.

The second thing that you want a wound irrigator to do is to protect the person using it. Let's say you're washing the dishes. You're using the sprayer to get some food off a plate. The closer you get to the plate, the more the water splashes back at you. Same thing with a wound irrigator. The Igloo Wound Irrigator provides many benefits for you and your patients. Here's a few: For your patients:

  • The one obvious benefit is faster, more effective cleanings.
  • Provides proper wound irrigation to clean debris and bacteria out of the wound.

For you:

  • The one obvious benefit for you is that you'll be protected from blood borne diseases.
  • To prevent back splash, some irrigators use a dome shaped splashshield. That's good, but not good enough. The Igloo Wound Irrigator has a dome shaped splashshield with two exit portals for the water to escape. That means that you can hold the Igloo flush on the skin, virtually eliminating back splash.
  • Designed to be used on any standard luer lock syringe.
  • Available in two quantity sizes so you don't have to order too many or have too few.

Needles are eliminated, and so are accidental needle sticks.